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This is Nani a little blue bicolor ragdoll kitten in one of her favorite little spots. Nani is the daughter of Long Island Ragdolls Zoe. She resides with Jaye and her family in New Mexico.


These are two of of our mitted  ragdoll kittens. Balfur is a blue mitted boy with a blaze from Dolly and Tanzanite. Gracie is a seal mitted girl from Saphire and Tanzanite.



        We Are Proud
To Announce Our Kittens Have Arrived! Above are some of our new kittens. We have one blue bicolor, a few seal mitteds and colorpoints and adorable little cream baby boys.
  For Information Please Contact Gwen at Scottsdaledolls@hotmail.com. or call Deborah at
       Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your lifestyle and what type of  Ragdoll kitten or cat you are looking for. We are a non declaw cattery. Ragdoll cats are very docile by nature and do not really know how to defend themselves. Sometimes if declawed they can become aloof or resort to biting .



This is Scottsdaledolls Allie at 12 weeks old. Allie is a seal bicolor ragdoll kitten from Scottsdaledolls Saphire and Tanzanite. Allie loves to play fetch and drive her brother Smokey D. crazy.
You Can visit us again at www.ragdollcatsinarizona.com
or at www.Arizonapurrfectragdolls.com

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This is Andy a very sweet Little seal mitted boy from a previous litter. We have kittens like Andy who will be ready to go to their new home some of the new homes in October of 2006

           We Have Kittens Available. We have both mitted , colorpoint kittens, bicolor and a special litter of FLAME kittens that will be ready to go to their new homes between October and December of 2006
           Please Contact Gwen At:
                 Or call Deborah at 623-877-6115